The Two Components

Believing that by education we can change the world, we are taking the first step by building a library in Mizoram, India. We want to support young people in getting access to better education.

Creating a flexible learning space based on the online and offline library

There are 650 high schools in Mizoram and barely 5% of them have libraries. The goal of the library project is to build a functioning library starting from the rural and most backward communities where students are provided with books and educational laptops. Intervention in the school with critical thinking class is part of the library project because the culture of reading needs to be built since students barely have their course book to read. And therefore, most of them do not possess the habit of reading nor understand the value of reading. The educational laptops contain hundreds of books and videos offline including Wikipedia, educational games, typing master and relevant subjects from primary to higher secondary schools. This alternative intervention with resources and support will bridge the gap of digital divides and enhance the existing educational system on the needy basis to experience world-class education from the most rural and corners of the world

Champhai Library

Sangau Library

Leadership Academy and Consultation

The main goal of this is to pay forward information, knowledge and resources through workshop, one-on-one consultation and mentorship. Although we are accessible for everyone, we focus mainly on women and girls since the struggle to get an education and staying in the school is harder for girls than for boys. We provide opportunities and information on how to secure funding/scholarship for higher study abroad, attending international conferences, abroad nursing placement and help unlock their purpose in life. We partner with local led NGOs, Church group, and government to create a movement of youth empowerment in Mizoram.

The Process