Empowering Voices: Rochun Secures Funding for UN Events in Geneva and New York

We are grateful to share that Rochun has been granted funding to attend two very important events of the United Nations this year for March and April in both Geneva and New York respectively.

 For the Human Rights Council in Geneva in March, we were able to secure funding for three participants including a representative from the Kuki community from Manipur as well as a young scholar from Aizawl, Mizoram. We hope to have written and oral intervention surrounding the topic/discussion on infrastructure under the Look East Policy, FMR, and Land issues/conflict in and around indigenous areas.  

For the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, New York in April, we will focus on youth engagement and involvement, importantly self-determination in the context of informed, and prior consent on issues such as land rights, human rights, Green Economy and Environment where more youths can participate in shaping our better tomorrow. Rochun: Pay it Forward hope is to have more youths from Mizoram and around the world where Mizo, Chin, Kuki, and our larger diaspora can have more representations and voices not only on local but to international levels as individuals and NGOs.  


Kumin a UN event pawimawh pahnih Human Rights Council leh Indigenous Forum, Geneva leh New York a neih turah Rochun chuan kal tura sawmna leh funding te kan hmuh leh thei hi kan lawm hle a, heng events pahnih ah te hian a theih dan angin kan tunlai khawvel a issue lian Manipur bikah Kuki kan unau te tan kawn siamsakin tunah Visa an apply mek a, an hmuh hman chuan Geneva lamah tel tura ruahmanna siam ani a; Geveva-ah hian FMR pawh uluk taka ngaihtuahin a thatna leh thatlohna, NE a bikin Mizoram min nghawng dan turah a tul anga intervention neih kan tum dawn a ni.

New York bikah hian Indigenous tribe, Chinlungchhuak unaute kan duhvang reng nilova international boundary leh ram pathuma kan awm dan leh Mizoram chu tun dinhmunah harsatna leh buaina in min hual vek avangin International Fund leh INGO te a tam thei angberah lo luhchhuak tur leh, kan chhehvelte buaina leh harsatna sutkian leh chhawmdawl kawnga kan hmasawnna turah Economy, Infrastructure, leh Green Economy leh Self-determination lamah intervention siam tam kan tum a. Chutih rualin Myanmar-a harsatna tawhmek -ah na lehzuala Burma Act ani emaw India leh China te pawh democracy support tura ngeena siam kan tum dawn a ni.

Heng intervention/Statement kan siam turah hian thahnem ngai leh fuih duh ten mimal leh pawl/NGO ang pawn kan inhawng reng e tih kan han sawi duh bawk a ni e.

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