What we do

Believing that by education we can change the world, we are taking the first step by building a library in Mizoram, India. We want to support young people in getting access to better education.


Rochun: Pay It Forward has been fulfilling its major goal that is to make academic and other kinds of books accessible to students from every corner in Mizoram by establishing a library, enhancement of existing and dysfunctional libraries through donation of large number of books and electronic devices, and by providing offline computer software that consists of all the important academic and non-academic resources. All these ongoing and future projects are made possible through partnership and collaboration with other selfless organizations, interested parties, and individuals.electronic devices, and by providing offline computer software that consists of all the important academic and non-academic resources.


Aiming to empower the youth to follow their passion and dreams and to discover their purpose in life as well as the unlimited potential stored within, Rochun: Pay It Forward conducts consultation/mentorship sessions, which are defined by the following characteristics:

Scholarship for Asia Pacific Youth Exchange (APYE)

Taking further steps to achieve its mission opening up opportunities for academic and life changing platforms for the youth, Rochun: Pay It Forward offers funding to the selected delegates for Asia Pacific Youth Exchange in partnership with Mizoram Youth Commission (MYC). Rochun specifically chose to work with APYE due to the similar missions and projects both parties stand for. APYE empowers youth to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 by introducing them to its excellent program that comprises of Leadership Training Program, Local Immersion (interaction with local people to identify problems and propose simple yet applicable solutions), and Symposium (cultural show and presentation).

The selection process and the revelation of selected candidates can be clearly seen in this video.

Rochun: Pay It Forward and MYC successfully sent the second batch of APYE Mizoram team to Thailand. The team included 10 delegates (and 8 of them were fully funded), one facilitator, MYC Chairman and Joint Director, one Member of Mizoram Legislative Assembly, and one Professor from Mizoram Univesity and Pachhunga University College. Again, the sole Championship Team was a Mizo delegate’s team. The following video can show you the selected delegates.

In the event of APYE in Bangkok, Thailand January 2019, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Mizoram Youth Commission, Urban Youth Academy, and Rochun: Pay It Forward for APYE 2021 in Mizoram state, India, which will be the first in India. For this upcoming project, human and other resources will be required in great amounts. The youth from different parts of the world will gather in Mizoram state studying and interacting with the local people. Therefore, it is most convenient for interested individuals, parties, and organizations to take preparations for taking part in this upcoming program.

The Process